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Hello professionals,

I have just found out about this site from Jim this past weekend and said I had to check this out. I am a school teacher in Delaware and have completed a year and a half so far and am enjoying it "extreamly much". I have been pursuing the educational feild for quite some time and have landed my dream vocation! I have about 18 years in the culinary feild starting as a dishwasher and working thru the years and finally reaching an executive chef positions. I'am an educator at last and enjoy teaching the art of cooking to my senior class. I hope to use this site to both receive and gain knowlege from some of you out there to use in my classroom. Take care,
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Hi, Schoolchef! Any friend of Jim's is most welcome -- as are total strangers, too. :D

Are you teaching cooking in a regular school, or a cooking school, or are you teaching other subjects as well? In any case, I'll bet you were "teaching" all through your kitchen career. But it's great that that's all you do now!
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Hello Schoolchef! Welcome to Chef Talk. I bet there are similarities between some of your students and mine (middle schoolers), but I'll bet yours don't throw spitwads....

Please tell us what led you to make your most recent career move. Also, what do you like to cook?
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Fantastic to see you here! This is a great place to learn and share - you will come to relish la familia for great insight. There is a wonderful group here.


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Welcome to Chef Talk Schoolchef!

So nice to meet you, glad Jim helped you found our little paradise on the net.

Make yourself at home and jump right in!

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