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Hi everyone, new to the site and most probably less of a chef than the students in the culinary arts forum. Originally from Upstate New York, spent couple of dozen years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and now my wife and I live about 30 miles north of Philadelphia. Started cooking/baking with my mother and grandmothers from as long as I can remember. My wife is from South America and while you may think I'd be enjoying wonderous meals with a latino flavor, truth is she can't boil water. In fact what she knows, my mother and I have taught her.

Kids are all gone from the nest and I'm making a more serious effort to refine my skills. One would think that after living so close to New Orleans for so many years, I would have picked up more abilities, but I can assure that my third attempt at Gumbo this New Year's day, is proof positive that I spent my time eating and not learning. I'm fortunate that with my job, I get to travel quite a bit, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Shanghai recently and am going to San Paolo in the near future.

I've been reading a bunch on the forums and am really impressed with the advise provided in them. Looking to upgrade my tools and BDL certainly has provided some sound advise on knives and techniques. Also read a great thread advising a young cook to get a good book like Bouchon and cooking a different recipe each night until they're acceptable. Probably the most sound and realistic advise I've read any where and certainly something within a home cook's reach.

I don't post much and only do so when I have something to add to a thread, but am looking forward to learning here and want to let everyone who does post, that I appreciate the time it takes to share their knowledge so freely.


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Welcome to ChefTalk!

We are a friendly bunch here and any question you want to pose will get a reply from someone who knows the answer (or more than one reply, probably with slightly conflicting info, but it's all worth reading).  Members are drawn from around the globe (I'm Scots, for instance) and also all levels of culinary ability, from the can't boil water home cook to masterchefs, and all shades in between.

Feel free to join in on threads you find interesting, or start your own on a topic you find interesting.  The professional fora are read-only for those like us who are amateurs, but they often make interesting reading!  The photography, articles and blogs on the site are also worth a look.

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