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Born in a highly religious, well to do and well connected Brahmin family, parents hailing from Trichur in Kerala. Inherited valuable knowledge in Ayurvedic Cooking and Nature Cure from ancestors. Besides engineering, family had interests in running several vegetarian restaurants in South India viz. Ambal Cafe in Mint Street, Chennai; Welcome Cafe, Walltax Road, Chennai; Ramakrishna Lunch Home, Chennai; Malabar Lodge, Tanjore and Mangalambiga Lodge in Trichy.

Conducted demonstrations of new cooking techniques and new kitchen equipment using professional audiovisual gadgets and developed special promotions, with the utmost confidence. Self motivated, assertive and determined. I can work independently or as a part of a co-operative team effort. Have undergone a brief concentrated period of volunteer training at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Puttaparthi, where I was exposed to multi cultural environments.

Since January 2004 self employed as a CONSULTANT AYURVEDIC CHEF offering my culinary expertise as a consultant all over India. Participated at the World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai.

Food is a big part of the natural science of life, balanced with exercise and a connection to community and the environment. This is one area where my passion lies. My cooking is from my heart. I am very lucky to know what my passion is and have the opportunity to use it like I do.

Since my childhood, I began learning the art of Ayurvedic cooking from my Great Grand Mother. She was devoted to a spiritual community that cooked food for the disciples and devotees. This inspired me and had a tremendous impact on my life, as I watched her prepare Ayurvedic meals because she believed in service to others.

The fulfillment of preparing any meal is to create bliss. To do this in cooking involves knowledge as well as attention and experience. But it is knowledge that gives us the greatest success and fulfillment in the results of what we do. With the knowledge of Vedic philosophy applied to cooking, wonderful benefits can be gained for our health and well-being. Health and well-being are two aspects of feeling good. To be strong physically and free of disease is one thing, but to feel alive, happy and joyful within is altogether another consideration.

Promoting Ayurveda is the best part of what I do, because I know I have touched the lives of the people I serve and helped them to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

It is true that if food is shared it gets divided but if an idea is shared it gets multiplied. I look forward to contribute and gain from this forum.

With warm regards,

Ravi Subramanian
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May I be the first to offer our warmest welcome to Chef Talk Cafe, Ravi. We look forward to learning from you and to sharing what we love with you.

Make yourself at home and enjoy all our forums.

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Many, many thanks Mezzaluna, for the warm welcome. The pleasure would be mine.




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Welcome to Chef Talk Ravis! :)

I look forward to yu9o sharing a few recipes and to hear more about Ayurvedic cuisine.

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