New to the forums and need sage advice (peer pressure)

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    I've been lurking a while but just signed up and found that some of you guys know your onions.

    I'm a working chef with a fair amount of experience, but am fairly new to the world of knives.

    So far I have accrued the following:

    Kasumi  3" paring,

    Nagomi 7" santoku,

    Misono Swede carbon 8" gyutou

    Miyabi Kaizen 9.5" sujihiki

    These are in addition to a 25cm Sabatier 2 Lions Jap Stainless, which is about 10 years old and dinged up but razor sharp, a Sab carbon parer and a couple of Wusthofs.

    I most recently bought the Misono and love it, but wish I'd gone for a longer length.  

    Because I am new to knife geekery, I am wanting to experience knives from various manufacturers to allow me to accurately ascertain each knife's pros and cons.  I've never been one to tool up with one brand so they look cute in my bag.

    So, I am looking for a 24mm or 27mm western-handled gyutou.

    I had initially been drawn to Glestain as I have great respect for the chefs I've seen use them, but have heard less than positive reviews from members here and abroad.  I am not a master sharpener though so don't feel the acuto 440 steel would disappoint me.

    Another knife that appeals is the Miyabi Birchwood, as I worked at a 2 Michelin star restaurant and the head chef owner had one at the pass as his service knife.  The fact that I never saw him do much more than trim a handful of foraged plants 10 minutes before service should, but hasn't made me think that this was more of a status knife than a 14 hour day 'prep-the-menu' knife.  Mainly because I'm so impressed with the Kaizen.

    I've heard slightly more than positive Masamoto reviews, but enough knocks for it not to justify the significant price heave over the Misono Swede which I am quite happy with.

    I am also interested in Masahiro, but these don't seem to be discussed in much depth here.

    I'm in the UK, so none of these knives are available domestically, so will be bought from an online vendor and then arrive at my door with a hefty customs tax.  The knives I mention above are available from two sites I have used previously and trust.  If there are any other Euro chefs here can you recommend other sites that provide free shipping or good service?

    In short, I'd like some peer pressure.  Pile it on.  I keep closing my eyes and asking myself how I'd feel if X, Y or Z knife were arriving tomorrow, and am yet to feel sure!  If you have any curveballs to throw at me go for it.  For your info, I am 6'5" with big hands and a bad back, and work every station in the kitchen.  The 25cm Sabatier I own is probably as big as I wanna go.  How do these knives measure up, I've heard some brands come up big.

    Oh and for 10 bonus points, anyone able to tell me what knife is being used in this video  at the 1.46 min mark?  I know, impossible.
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    I'm not sure which sites you've used before, but FWIW, JCK can usually fix it so that you won't have to pay import taxes, with 7$ worldwide shipping.
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