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    Hello everyone! My name is Norma Stewart and I am the owner of Morika's Southern Dessert Company, a dessert catering company which specializes in heirloom Southern Desserts, i.e., sweet potato pie, pecan pie, buttermilk pie, Hummingbird cake, just to name a few. We do not have a storefront yet, but we are working on it. I am new to the group and am anxious to get to know everyone.

    When you get a moment, PM me for the link to check out some of the work that I do.

    Thank you!
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    Didn't need to PM as I was wantin' ta see what you do and so asked my friend google!

    I saw nice clean wording used to describe a nice (short but sweet :) menu .

    IMO the selection in each category (your offerings are beautiful and OMG is that REAL PIE CRUST WITH HAND Fluting?!!) hits all the high spots and would most certainly be enjoyed (during a ladies nite out, we play Bunko how about ya'll?) church picnic... fund raiser cake walk or just a sweet end to that Sunday dinner/supper!

    Have you ever been to a restaurant and the menu has what seems as a zillion choices?

    A zillion choices indicates (to me anyway) that NOTHING will be stellar because any awesomeness is gonna be diluted by all that mise they have to keep up with.

    Some bakeries try to offer (every cake and pie or cobbler) in every flavor imaginable and most times it ends up tasting like it was slapped together at the last minute or pulled from the freezer when an order came in.

    Also nice to see that you aren't chasing the birthday/special occasion SHEETCAKE crowd with piped statements and names or (being serious here) risking copyright infringement by making a  (insert a superhero or cartoon character here) fondant cake just because little Susie had a Hello Kitty cake last year (by a different bakery) and refuses to believe that it IS illegal...and infers you are just lazy or don't have skills or whatever ugly reason the customer will hurl at you)  

    OOPS...went way over my time limit.

    Welcome to CT!