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Hey everyone.

Im thinking of becoming a chef. I have started to like cooking latley because its hands on and creative.

I am thinking of getting some work experiance as a chef. I figure if i like a day of slicing vegtables i will like everything else about being a chef.

I was also wondering is their any Scorpio chefs out there?
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hi newbie, welcome,

I understand that becoming a scorpion chef involves years of intensive & dangerous training deep in the Himalayas. Scorpion cuisine is similar to Japanese blow fish in technique. It is essential that the arachnid is carefully jointed & its poison sacks disregarded completely. Generally scorpions are sauteed & taste like chicken .
I would suggest 2 for a starter & 4 for a main course.
My renowned & respected fellow chef the great Soussweets from
New Orleans jail is a world expert on Cuisine de Scorpianus, im sure he would be happy to provide you with detailed butchering techniques on his release in 2035.

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Hi Newbie Cook, and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe.

As you can see, we have some kidders here- you'll find no lack of either culinary expertise or great senses of humor! Be sure to check out the culinary students' forum and also the articles at the main Chef Talk part of the site. Choose the best forum for your question and ask away. We'll look forward to your posts.

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I would never risk my life for something that tasted like chiken. I am sure it would take much traning because somone elses life would be in your hands.

haha you had me going for a second - I was picturing tibetin munks learning the art of blow fish cooking - living a strict life away from women or men :p.

These forums are great for begginer Chefs like me. I think i will find everything i need here. I also look forward to making new friends overseas.

Till next time......
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Hey Newbie,
welcome, and be careful if your new coworkers send you looking for a stove stretcher or a left handed saute pan!! It can be the best job in the world if you have the passion. It can eat you alive if you don't.
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Thanks Richard

I am in the process of finding out. Im gonna test and see if i have passion for it. I couldnt do something i dont like doing.

Im getting work experiance at a Frech and Italian restaurant. It should be fun.
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hey mike, good news for good behavior i shall be released by 2010, so tell your sister to get the restraining order ready. welcome newbie! and look out for my new book culinaire scorpianus , i cut a deal with the guards in the printing room.
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I spent my first few hours in the kitchen last night at nice Italian resaurant in town. My knife skill have improved and i got to peal the skins off the capcicums. I acctually quite enjoyed it. I did feel the pressure on my back and feet but i got used to it. If i stayed at this resaurant i would learn allot. They have about 4 or 5 chefs and a master chef. I am nervous though because i think i would get fired if i didnt live up to the master chefs expectations. I still have allot of thinking to do.


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Welcome Newbie!! As stated before, you will find lots of information here at Cheftalk on all sorts of topics. You will be especially interested in the Student forum where lots of good advice has been given to students and people thinking about considering a career in the culinary field. Enjoy your time here!!!
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