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well whats up everyone, im new to the forum obviuosly.a little bit about myself, i started as a prep cook when i was 16 in a sports bar, and was soon up on the line. i made terrible money but loved what i did, and learned a lot. ive worked in catering, sports bar, pubs, and jut regular old american cuisine chains. ive been to jwu for culinary, psu for hotel and restaurant management, and am at pa school of culinary arts finishing my culinary degree.
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

Our membership spans the whole culinary world, from keen amateurs (like me) to masterchefs! 

There are specific areas for professionals like yourself, and lots of other areas of interest on the site.  I hope you will make time to read some of the very interesting articles posted on the site, and to view some of the amazing food photography, too.

Please join in on threads you find interesting, or even start your own!
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