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Hey Ya'll.
I am from Savannah, GA. I am in a Culinary Arts Degree program and work as at a Bagel Joint. Believe it or not, Bagels used to be hard to come by in this fair city. Customers from north of the Mason Dixon Line are sometimes almost moved to tears, by the availability of an Everything Bagel and a Schmear of Chive Cream Cheese.

My husband and I have recently moved to Savannah, from Atlanta, GA. I love the beach, the forests and the bueatiful old town. One of the main industries here is tourism and we also have serveral colleges. Lots of restaurants.
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Welcome, Kaliflower! This is a great place to be, to learn and teach and share!!!!! :D

Gee, I would have thought that Savannah had a large enough Jewish population to DEMAND bagels. Are yours the nouveau-puffy-roll-type, or the real, dense, boiled-then-baked kind? We have quite a few bakers here, and non-baking bagel-lovers, so this could be the start of a great discussion. But whatever your interests and questions, you'll find good exchanges here. Again, WELCOME :D :D
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Welcome to Chef Talk, kaliflower. We'll look forward to your posts!

We have a number of people on board who love baking. One of our veterans, Cape Chef, practically grew up in his grandfather's bakery- where bagels were a mainstay if I remember correctly.

We're glad you found us. Have fun browsing all the forums, and don't miss our archives.

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