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I work in a small kitchen attached to a market. We are building up the catering side of the business to compliment the fish, wine and gourmet items sold in the market. I'm thrilled to have found ChefTalk as I'm not professionally trained, although I've worked in the food industry forever. My "chosen" career path was to work with delinquent teens in the court system. Oddly enough, I still get to work with some of them in my kitchen! Best of both worlds maybe?
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Hey Lentil, welcome to Chef Talk! What a beautiful part of the country you live in. A market! You've come to the right place. Connecting cooks, chefs and diners with farmers is a frequent topic here. Type "farmer's market" in the search feature here, and you'll see plenty of threads.

Please make yourself at home. We'll look forward to your posts.

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It must be great to have a market on site. I bet it gives you lots of inspiration. Does the market do a good range of produce.
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The "market" sells fresh fish, lobster, some gourmet items, and lots of wine. Some days, like today, I only had visions of sipping the wine, and nothing else... As far as produce goes, I'm assuming you mean fresh vegetables? We do precious little of that as I am the only one who ever thinks to order anything form the local wholesaler; I usually order whatever I plan to use. So the inspiration flows from me to the market. I wish it were the other way around . I do like having access to the fresh fish, though, even though I am more comfortable cooking vegetarian.

Thanks for the welcome! Susan

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