New to ChefTalk - first post from Hawaii in Chicago

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  My name is Phil Z. and I am brand new to ChefTalk-

I've already learned a bunch and I would love to be able to help others out if I can-

I own a Hawaiian Restaurant/Dinner theater and the venue specializes in Hawaiian local style dishes with much Asian influence-

I am extremely interested in advancing the catering aspect of the business.  The catering for Hawaiian Luau food does very well and I am beginning to venture outside of Hawaiian food (outside the comfort zone) to many other popular catering menus and dishes-  this is where I stumbled upon ChefTalk and I am already very pleased at the friendliness and willingness to help others-

That's where I'm at and I look forward to being interactive in the forum!



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Welcome Phil glad you joined. Hey if you are willing we would love to see you post some articles/photos about how to prepare Hawaiian dishes. 
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