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    I am Kirkland, currently residing In Las Vegas. Nv.

    Currently I am Chef Tournant at Caesars Palace, for Seredipity 3 right on the strip.

    I have no culinary school in my pedigree but I have gotten a lot of experience In the last 8 years. Previously I was an executive Chef in Oakland, Ca for a restaurant and pub in the Rockridge areA.

    Before that I was Sous Chef for a Greek Steakhouse in the Central Valley California (Stockton). I have worked at bar and grills, high end catering companies, corporate Italian, and fast casual food. I am adamant about moving up in this business and now I think I have found the perfect place to do so.
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    Thanks for the introduction, Kirkland. We're glad to have someone with your broad experience with us. I think Chef Talk will be someplace you'll find helpful and that you'll be a good resource to others here, too. Besides that, we're a fun bunch of people from just about everywhere!

    The discussion forums are great for meeting people and getting some great ideas, but don't miss the cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries, and all the other great features here. There's enough to keep you busy in your off-hours. You might find the September 2014 Rice Challenge in the Food and Cooking forum interesting. We have a different challenge each month. Last month was eggs. It's cool to see what people come up with, whether it's the pros or the home cooks. Since our members come from all over the world, you never know what you'll find. Still, I bet we won't have a durian fruit challenge any time soon. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif

    I hope you feel at home here and settle in as a member of the community, taking part whenever you can. 


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    Welcome Kirkland it is great to have you. It is also great to hear that you are a working chef who did NOT attend culinary school. So many thing you have to attend school but you do not. Again, welcome.