New to cake making as a business

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After years of suppling cakes cupcakes and desserts for family and friends I have finally decided to give working for myself a go! Im intrigued by the idea of cake pops no more off cuts for hubby or the dog! I now need expert tips on how to create a wafer thin shell on said pops.
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Hello Ash50, and welcome to Chef Talk. You've come to the right site for learning more about baking and the baking business. You're wise to see those can be two very different fields!

Our community has a great many professional bakers among our members, and a great many home bakers, too. As a home baker you are welcome to read everywhere on the site. However, home cooks (and bakers) like you and I mustn't post in the Professionals' forums (including the Professional Baking and Pastry forums). We can, however, post in the General forums, where the pros will also answer questions.

I recommend you start by making good use of the search tool here. It'll dig up pertinent posts and threads from all forums. (Again, please do not post in the Professionals' forums.) Some of the posts and threads are 10 years old and longer, so please take the date of the posts into account before you consider replying, as Chef Talk is more than 10 years old.

Good luck with your adventure!



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