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Either my browser is playing tricks on me with my new computer, or there used to be a New Threads/Posts/Most Active section at the bottom of each post. This made navigation easier since I didn't have to navigate back to the front page to find something else to read.

No matter. Small point; great forum.
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Now that has become a little sidebar on the right of the homepage. Very hard to see. Took me a while to find it. The old layout was much better.


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Those elements move around the interface depending on your browser, your window size, if you're on a mobile phone or a tablet. If you don't see it at the side itwill be at the bottom and vice versa.

I made the same note to our rep for the software. It was odd to me because sometimes the interface moved away from the things it was modifying. It's not how I would have specced the programming but it works and I'm used to it now.

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