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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by hardman, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Hello i am back in a kitchen after being out of them for a few years. I have had about 5 years in American kitchens and over a year in sushi bars. I love working with sushi it's the only job I'll take in a kitchen any more. The presentation and style of work fits well with my personality. Quality over quantity. I joined this site to gain knoledge of knives and their many differences and other key techniques. I am gaining experience with single bevel knives everyday. But like any good kitchen worker you get tired of using the house knives. The ones I have at my dislosal are very cheap to say the least. They do get sharp but won't hold an edge after cutting 100 rolls in a day or two. So when a sashimi plate or some nigiri comes up it can be troublesome. I have my own knife but it's. Double bevel that is 11.5 inches so it's almost too big forthe space I work with. It works well for cutting a salmon up but no space for it on the bar. I also acquired a Kai wasabi knife for cheap from a guy who didn't know how to use or sharpen and later decided it should be mine. I bought it for $20 but it had been sharpened from both sides. It is a hard steel and is therefor very hard for me to get it perfect. I have came to the realization that I must have a knife for each area of cutting. Anyhow I'm done ranting about my work life. I'm sure some of you will read me rant hear and there on this site.
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    Hardman, you chose a perfect time to join Chef Talk! Well, any time is wonderful, but we just acquired a new sponsor, Fishbone Knives. The knife forum is a pretty lively place anyway, so I advise you to check that out. But don't overlook the other great forums!

    Beside all those great conversations we have cooking articles, reviews of cookbooks and equipment, photo galleries, etc. You might want to start a gallery of your sushi creations so we can admire your work. There's a lot to enjoy here, and we hope you'll add to the site through your participation.