new Sur La Table opens!

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For all those living in the St. Louis area, a new Sur La Table opened in Plaza Frontenac, the same mall where Williams-Sonoma is located. Though the look of each store is different, both stores cater to roughly the same clientele, which makes you wonder a bit about why Sur La table chose this location. Presumably the marketing people researched it carefully first. It sure makes it convenient for people looking for cooking gadgets and equipment.
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The same marketing ploy exists at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver where SLT is located just a couple of doors down from WS. Myself I prefer the wider variety of products offered at SLT.
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Here in San Francisco, WS & SLT are about a block apart from each other. I'm with Kokopuffs, SLT has a greater range of products. And more practical too. Although WS has a lot of good stuff on the shelf, many itmes like gadgets and utensils look like they belong in a kitchen that is just for show. Stylized, color and design coordinated but impractical. (IMHO) :)

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Amazingly service picked up a bit at WS.....they used to ignore me now they follow me around....5 sales people at SLT told me about the professional discount (wearing work clothes) then the one at the register had never heard that there was one. I picked up a new birds beak and some other nominal gadgets..sure is a fun store..

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