New sous chef knife question

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This is a small story but explains why I'm asking what I am. I completely changed careers at the age of 30. I have recently been promoted to sous chef. I use my knives in a daily basis and the set I bought when I first got back into this are ok but just not holding up to the day to day grind in a restaurant kitchen. I am looking for a new set and was looking at a couple sets but am very hesitant to pull the trigger when purchasing because I don't want to waste that much money especially since I do t make a whole lot. I do precision work, breaking down primals, fish, dense produce like lemongrass etc. just looking for suggestions on a set or brand that will hold a very sharp edge and won't break down with constant use but are also well taken care of. Thanks for any advice in advance.
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Do you have a price range? And a list of the knives you are looking to replace?

What are you using right now?
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My entire working kit is about $300 .  All the real expensive knives stay at home, but at the same time you need decent knives to work.  Work kit is all about price/performance

Let's start with carbon or stainless and your price range?  I will recommend getting your kit piecemeal for the most part.
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