New site featured on National TV tonight.

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    Hello Everyone,
    Newbie here. Hope I am posting in the correct area. Tonight on World News Tonight they are running a feature on the New website (ebay meets loans, p2p lending) My wife is a caterer and I am a culinary teacher in CA, we had made a listing requesting a loan for additional catering equipment. Anyhow the listing was very successful, its nice to see that people out there are willing to invest in ones in the food industry.

    The whole experience went so well that ABC contacted my wife and interviewed her for the show. They expect that it will drive a huge amount of people to the website. So my purpose of posting is that if you are in the need for some funds for equipment or personal use I would suggest checking out their site before it hits national tv tonight. I run a group called "Food for Thought" and it only allows ones in the food industry to join.

    Ok, I need to go and get my wife's head out of the toilet, she is a little nervous about the tv airing tonight. :(

    I am on TV tomorrow morning doing a cooking demo but it is only local news .. no fame there. :D

    Chef Pete
    Food for thought groupleader
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    Good luck, Neverlookback! Stick a camera and mic in my face and Irunoffatthemouth. :rolleyes: I wish you better luck.