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Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by raikky, Nov 26, 2013.

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    hello and evening!

    Recently bought the mrs a castey fundix saute pan. its very nice but after the first time we used it there were alot of deep scratchs. we did everything on the manual said. washed it first with warm soapy water and then spread a thin layer of oil inside it. All our cooking utensils are plastic / silicone. Cooked on low heat and washed after use using a dish cloth and abit of fairy. dried it and noticed deep scratchs. We sent it back and recieved a new one.

    We looked at the new one and it seems fine. so did the same prep again and cooked with it using low heat. Today i washed it and noticed hundreds of scratchs which you can feel with your nail. and there are 2 areas which seem to have the surface of the pan completely come off. Its like a blob of solder on the surface.

    Weve always used cheap pans and use brush's, hard bristle pads sometimes, to clean and never had a problem.

    Are these pans that delicate? Because it says on the box very tough surface and scratch resistant. I cant believe im doing anything wrong, im treating this pan with almost more love than my son. Im gonna have to send it back but i guess ill buy from  a different company. dissapointed as the pan itself is very nice and feels quality. It cost us around 65 pounds and i thought money well spent. i cant imagine what it will look like in a years time after continued use. And as for dishwasher safe? lol. I doubt that somewhat. I have to admit there easy to clean. Took less than a minute. But if this is whats happening after a gently clean and rinse then im sure it will disolve in a dishwasher.

    Sorry if i sound like im ranting just thought anybody with decent cookware here can chime in and tell me am i doing something wrong or could it be a defect.
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    Sounds like its not a very good pan or you're not buying from a reputable dealer. I looked it up and it looks like a solid buy. Possibly just a cheap non stick coating. I'd try for a refund and be done with them. My calphalon slide pans have been abused to hell and back and the non stick coating is still solid, although they aren't induction ready.
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    never heard of the stuff so . . .

    BedBathBeyond has the brand listed - $99 for a 10 pan - not inexpensive.

    PFOA free, which means it's teflon non-stick - which depending on application technique can be extremely soft and scratch prone.

    I buy a $10-12 "no name" aluminum teflon ten inch fry pan at the grocery store - lasts 18 months or so before it gets 'sticky' - altho actually since I've been using my cast iron more of late the life of my telflon has gone to more on the order of 24 months.

    I'd second the thought of going for an outright refund and pick a better brand.
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    I know some people totally SHUN non-stick, but I have to praise Calphalon.  Bought a 2-pack of skillets at BBB for maybe $50.  Was pretty good to them for SEVERAL years.  If I did use metal utensils, was VERY careful/gentle.  Usually hand-washed but did put in dishwasher on a few occasions.

    A year or so ago, was noticing that they werent quite as non-stick and had heard about C's return/replace policy and decided to give it a try.  Did have to pay a few dollars to send back, but packed up the 2 skillets & FAVORITE non-stick sauce pan (from a set bought YEARS ago).  Had to fill in some info at C's website, printed out shipping lable and off they went.  A week or so later, came home to 3 BRAND NEW replacements.