New Rule Allows Homebased Food Processing in New Mexico

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A new rule requiring permits for homemade foods sellers went into effect on Jan. 1, 2010 in New Mexico.

The permits are mandated by the state Environment Department and cost $100 to allow the sale of homemade goods including baked goods, tortillas, jams and jellies, dry mixes and candies.

To obtain a permit, home-based food processors must pay the fee, attend food safety training and allow the New Mexico Environment Department to inspect their kitchens. This new permit process was introduced to monitor the safety of goods sold at farmers markets, roadside stands, fairs and fiestas. Visit Home Based Processing :peace:
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The state of Missouri has allowed home processed jams/jellies and non-custard baked goods for several years....the kicker is that counties and cities have last say in what happens in their area.
Looks like NM has worked through some of the the state must be adding a whole lot more inspectors....
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Actually they have not necessary added more inspectors although there are funds out there for states who want to improve their home food processing programs. The state of NM limits where you can sell your products, thereby keeping close tabs on who is selling where. I don't know how that will work, only time will tell, but in this economy this is a benefit to a number of small food processors who are just trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately there is no perfect answer and how wonderful it would be to have a statewide (dare I say nationwide) cottage law; but again the bottom line is's always about funding...nothing in life is free! Thanks for you comment.
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All the states are looking for is to generate more income to themselves in form of permits, licenses etc. They all need any$ they can get.
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california, ny and nj should adopt this... however considering how difficult it is to monitor the current industry adding more variables and more kitchens would prolly make things worse.
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