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So I left my job with the wacko boss, and ended up at a place downtown with a very micromanaging owner who thinks his menu is amazing ( some things are good , but there is 59 options ) and is lazzy as all hell.
There has been some really shady things occur , which makes an eye brow raise in disgust. For instance, I hired a new kid last week. Young, green, some experience, but all the attitude you could ask for - wanted to learn, wanted to make money, wanted to be part of a team etc,....
anyways. I usually leave early on Sundays because I do the brunch for the day. In the late afternoon when I was with my family, the owner starts texting me telling me "Serious issues at the restaurant, new guy is eating on the clock and (second in command) is no where to be found" . This is from him looking at cameras from home , so he isn't actually there. I text back "what exactly is the emergency?" trying to elude to the fact that it seems like he is bothering me with petty bullshit. I call the restaurant, make sure everyone is fine and the customers are happy, forget about it. Later on, the cook that was training my new guy asked if he was doing late menu or just closing after dinner, and I told him no, but make sure to show the new guy all the closing procedures . He says "new guy is missing" . I ask the owner if he talked to the new guy, and hes all like " oh yeah, I asked him in what kitchen has he worked in is it okay to eat on your shift "
just then, I get a text from the new guy saying he respectfully declines the job, I ask why, he explains to me that the owner was very demeaning to him, and reminded me he never even met him.
I lost my shit.

there is a plethora of other things including time clocks being changed, but you get the idea. The guy is a nutcase.

Anyways, not looking for sympathy or ideas, just venting and sharing. Hope ya'all have a great day
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I really think we have enough Chefs on this site to start a Restaurant Chefs Readers digest. A book would be to long and drawn out. This way we could put all the shit that we put up with in a short story. I personally wouldn't know where to start. I do know I would have a weekly short story.

I really loved this business but a lot of it was navigating around all the assholes we encounter. The better your navigation skills the better your life will be.
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I'm reminded of a scene from Office Space where a lawyer was talking about minimum security prisons.

"Either kick someone's ass on the first day or become someone's b*tch"

That's generally how it works in kitchens from my experience.

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