New Orleans

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Just got back from Memphis and New Orleans...ribs a Willinghams !!!!unreal I thought Corkys were good these are phenomnial

New Orleans....ate at Ugleischs hole in the wall scary neighborhood (for New Orleans this is rough!!!boarded windows in vacant houses across the fried oyster's I've eaten (soft shell was OK I insisted when he said don't...)
fried green tomatoes(coarse corn meal) with shrimp remoulade on top! wonderful

Dinner at Gabrelles foie seared with mango sauce, (YES!) oyster artichoke casserole and
red fish with lumb crab, pecans, almonds and lemons....New Orleans!!! They hooked me up to a B&B (House on Bayou Road) wonderful!
The owner is opening a 110 seat fancy restaurant in 2 weeks...I meet the chef Randy Lewis...great menu I print when I will be a gem
Mothers for breakfast (Poydras not my mother)
got ham bones and scraps for red beans.
Herb Saint for dinner...shrimp on green chili grit cake was (the words escape was FINE>>>>>I want the recipe because it was to die for) Pork with greens and red pepper, satsuma sauce was wonderful also. Saffron semolina cake with lavender caramel sauce....YUMMMMMMMMMMM
I stocked up on essentials, hit the Art Muesum and saw Cassillys exhibit (wonderful)
the 12 hour drive one way was worth it.....
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Indigo under Chef Randy Lewis
Cold smoked catfish gougeonettes of cold smoked catfish with an uni and Ostera caviar remoulade

Hudson Valley Foie Gras sauteed Calvados marinated Foie with a red wine truffle infused honey tarte tatin

Arboria crusted oysters with a Rockefeller risotto

Filet of Beef Balsalmic braised collard greens atop a pear-turnip mash with a marrow red wine reduction

Black Truffle crusted squab breast
quil eggs and squab confit raviolo with a celery root puree and a pressed squab sauce.

I can't wait to visit NO to check out this restaurant.
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Maryeo, do you need a wetnap?LOl
Shroomgirl, sounds like you had a blast!!!
Thanks for all the detailed foodie stuff
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YA know there are definate perks to knowing chefs! and there is a such a thrill to find a new wonderful restaurant (old or recent new to you).....There is nothing like dining with close friends and everthing from the front walk to the plate of sweets at the end
(including service) to be wonderful........


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There are two places I'd love to visit in the US, New Orleans and California. After reading your description Shroomgirl I made up my mind. New Orleans will be first. I'm already hungry...
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New Orleans is a food town, if your not eating your talking about your next meal...seriously.
There are wonderful times to go to New Orleans early Spring...March, April first of May....and Fall Oct, Nov. and in Dec. they have Revillon (special celebritory meals prix fixe at many restaurants and great hotel rates)
New Orleans gets really hot, really hot, did I say really hot? It rains in the summer because the humidity goes over 100%...there have been times where it's 100* and 100% humidity and it is not raining (I don't miss that part!!!)
Hole in the walls with exceptional food.
Wonderful slow pace....really noticeable after this hiatus
The upscales are too fine.....they play and have a good time with food, and boy do they have a growing season year round. I brought back Des Allemonds catfish...oh baby!!!
Just good quality food everywhere, hard to find schluck....
It's a treat to be in a place where you get mam'd....I miss that really reflects a respect that's missing here.
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