New Orleans Restaurants to go to (or bread bakeries)

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I am going to New Orleans next weekend, for the first time.

What restaurants should I not miss?

What about bakeries? Any place with great bread?

Thanks in advance!
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I was there in late Feb - early March, heres some of the places I went to.

-Beignet & Cafe Au Lait @ Cafe Du Monde on Decatur right accross Jackson Square, French Quarter

-Gumbo @ the Gumbo Shop on St. Peter St, French Quarter

-Blackened Catfish @ K Pauls Louisiana Kitchen, can't find address but it should be somewhere near Burbon St.

-Great breakfasts @ Madelains (sp?), a small chain bakery, should be easy to find.

-Never been but I hear great things of the Commander's Palace, 1403 Washington, Garden District

-Red Fish on 115 Boubon St, French Quarter...this place wasn't bad though a little pricey for what you get.

I'm looking through but I can barely find half the places I visited. I found most of these places just by walking around the French Quarter and around my hotel, Le Cirque by Lee Circle.

Things you have to see though, the Laffayet Cemetary, St Joseph Cathedral, Riverwalk mall, a swamp tour...this place is nightlife central. Check out Burbon St once the sun sets! You'll enjoy yourself, believe me.
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Take the trolley and get a since of the archetecture.
CBD Farmer's Market on Julia Sat morning 8-noon.
Bakeries, La Marquessa off of Jackson Sq
absolutely Cafe Du Monde
Muff at Central Grocery or better from Progress grocery with a Barq's rootbeer overlooking the Mississippi
Mother's for lunch or breakfast, the debris is too die for....have a Ferdy for me.
Fine Dining, August in the quarter....John Besh does bang out work
Jazz Brunch in the Bayou is wonderful, I don't care for Brennans or Commander's Palace but if John Folse has a place open check it out.
Bayonas is a must, they are open for lunch
if you want the real deal, hit Ugelisch's, cruddy neighborhood....real seafood!!!! open for lunch.
It's been a while since I've been down, used to live there and in the area for 15 years....going to a conference in mid-Jan. cannot wait. :bounce:
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Another place I forgot to mentions is Palmettos. I don't know really where it was only because we stoped by it on the way back from a tour of 1 of the bayous (uncle's gf was driving, roughly a 1.5-2h drive i think NE from N'Orleans). A small family runned restaurant with a patio/dock over a swamp.

Theres another place, a cooking school I'd guess would fit the description, build within a brewery on Decatur not to far away from the Virgin Megastore. I was told to check it out but couldn't fit it in with my itinerary or find the place itself.

I got a few pictures on this link of my trip. I only say a few since I had like nearly 800 digital pictures, 1/3 of which was from NO.
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Middendorf is a destination for fried catfish, oysters etc outside of NO on HWY 55, if I remember correctly.
There are a few restaurants that still throw down newspapers and pour boiled seafood on, hand you a beer, roll of paper towels/napkins, lemon, sauce and you are in the Bayou.

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