New Orleans Food Trip with my Cousin...

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Hi Everyone

My New Orleans trip went really well and here's hot it came about:



Left Chicago at around 10AM, arrived at N.O. at around 12PM. After getting the rent-a-car my cousin and I drove towards Erato and Baronne streets to get in line to eat at Uglesich's. We went to the restaurant even before we checked in our hotel!!! There was about a 40 minute wait so we decided to look at the menu and decide what to eat. As we entered the small but packed restaurant, we were greeted by Tony and his wife...We talked to them for a bit then he took out orders. We got the Uggie's, our first dz of oysters, fried green tomatoes, crawfish maque choux. The food was so good, it's worth the wait. We wanted to have some soft shell crab but Tony said it's not as good but strongly recommended the oysters. The oysters were large and plump, I've never seen oysters that huge before. It was so good we wanted to order another but decided not to since we will be eating out again sometime soon. I wish Uglesich's is open on weekends so we could go there again before heading home but they're open only on weekdays from early lunch till 4PM.

We then proceeded to the French Quarter to check in our hotel which is right in the heart of Bourbon Street. We unpacked then walked around to go to Central grocery on Decatur st.. When we got to the Store at around 5PM, we thought "There's no line!!! How nice is that?" Went up to the cashier to order the famous Muffuletta's but we were told that they were out for the day but we should try back the next day and they should have it. We were very disappointed but we still had 2 days to do a little sightseeing and eating...We'll have to sample the sandwiches the day after then...

ACME Oyster Bar:

Since Central Grocery's out of Muff's, we decided to go to ACME Oyster Bar to have more oysters. We got lucky coz there was no line outside. We decided to sit by the bar and ordered a dz oysters on the half shell and 5# of Crawfish Boil...The food that we had was soooo good we got a couple more dz of oysters and had it in between chit chat with the rest of the people around the bar. We thought "this is so cool, we'll have to go back once more before heading home"

Gumbo Shop
Spent the night walking around the French Quarter visiting the bars and stores. We finally got tired and hungry so we headed to the Gumbo shop to have a little late night meal before chillin' out back at the hotel. We ordered Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and the Jambalaya and Etoufee Combo...We finished the food ASAP so we could retire and have a good rest for the busier next day's schedule...


Got up quite early to get ready for some power breakfast...


We had an 8:30AM reservations to Brennan's so we decided to be there at around 8AM so we can take out time to lounge around. We decided that we're getting the Prix Fixe Breakfast...We both ordered the Turtle soup, I got Eggs Hussarde, My cousin got Eggs Shannon...then, we both got Bananas Foster for dessert...The food was super so is their service. We got Carlos for our server and we got a good table, as well, in the main dining room..

After capping the meal, we headed back to the hotel to change into more comfortable clothes for sightseeing...We then drove around the garden district, Tulane University, visited our cousin who goes to Tulane, went to Loyola then drove around Magazine street...then we went back to the French Quarter...Went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Pat O'Briens...


We parked our car back at the hotel then went shopping around the riverwalk area...Then decided to walk to Mother's since Tchoupitoulas and Poydras streets was just within walking distance from where we are...We ordered Po-Boys and it was great!!! There weren't too many people when we got there so it was pretty quiet.

We then decided to head back to the hotel to chill out a little bit then decided to have hang out at Remoulade...then headed back again to the hotel to dress up for dinner...


We had an 8:15 reservation at Emeril's NOLA...Had to wait a little bit since it was a busy Sturday night...There were just too many people trying to get a table to eat there but I guess it's was a very busy night so they were asked to just go back at a later time. Good thing we had reservations so that's the last of our worries. We got a very nice corner table on the main floor. Our server was a little lousy but the girl assisting him as pretty cool and did most of the work. We started with a glass of chardonnay and BBQ Shrimp, and Brie and Duck Pizza with White Truffle oil, which were both tasty. My cousin got Cedar Plank Roasted RedFish with Citrus Horseradish Crust, Lemon Butter Sauce and Vietnamese Seafood Salad. I got the Chilean Sea Bass with Whipped Sweet Potatoes and a spicy butter sauce...we had Gewurtztraminer with it and it was great. Now comes the dessert part...I ordered Banana Cream Layer cake and my cousin got Bread Pudding...We were kinda disappointed at the desserts coz we were expecting more since it's a nice and pricey restaurant and desserts should be at least decent. We went back to the hotel disappointed that the desserts were not as we perceived it to be. Well, I guess there's always room for improvement. The food part was exellent though...

Cafe du Monde

We headed to Cafe du Monde on Decatur street to have Beignets and Cafe au Lait instead to have our sugar fix. Their beignets are very good especially with the interesting coffee that they served. It was very resonably priced and good.

We then headed back to the hotel to retire for the night and rest for the next day.


Croissant D'or

We got up early to have some croissants...Their croissants are pretty decent...Sat there for a while to have small pieces of the stuff that we bought.

We then walked around to visit some bakeshops to see what they have to offer. We went by La Madeleine, some Praline shops...

We checked out of the hotel then decided to drive around till we head back to the airport. We wanted to go back to Acme Oyster house for anther round of fresh oyster but wasn't lucky to get parking around the area since there were just too many other tourists that day. Since we knew that there's an Acme Oyster at the airport we decided to eat there when we get there. We decided to drive around the garden district once more for more sightseeing then a stop at central grocery for some Muff's to take back home...

After returning the rent-a-car and checking in at the airport, we headed to Acme Oyster but to our dismay, they are not serving any raw oysters at all!!! We got Gumbo and Jambalaya instead.

All in all, the New Oleans trip was Great. We wished we had more time to visit other restaurants such as Bayona and Peristyle, Commander's Palace, etc...We're definitely going back when we get the chance again.

Got back to Chicago late last night...

Thanks to all of you guys who suggested and gave your own "must visit list" that helped me and my cousin plan our trip.



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Glad to hear that your trip was such a success! So how were the Muffs? I could kill for one of those about now.
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The Muff's were great!!!
They're so awesome, we brought home a couple...
You're welcome to have a quarter of mine...

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