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Hello, My name is Nancy. I'm newly retired, new to this forum and to blogging. I am very excited to be a part of this group and look forward to learning from the wisdom of the group.

I am interested in healthiest cooking techniques, cookware and recipes. Recently, I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. So, imagine my dismay. Baking was my favorite thing. Now I live at Whole Foods and farmer's markets. I am remaking my food world. It's tough but very interesting.
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Hello Nancy, and welcome! I know you'll find this community to be helpful and welcoming to home cooks like you and me. As you can see from the main forum page, we have discussion areas on equipment, general cooking and lots more. You're encouraged to use the search tool to dig up earlier conversations on topics of interest to you. You're welcome to read and browse in the Professionals' forums, but home cooks like us must consider them as "read only" forums. You can post as you like in the General forums, where most of the pros also lurk.

We've had a good number of people with celiac/gluten intolerance join us in recent months. That's where the search tool will come in handy, as the questions and discussions are in varying forums. I hope we'll be able to accommodate those who are seeking nutritional alternative recipes and ingredients soon.

I hope you make yourself at home here and enjoy the community. We'll look forward to seeing you here often.

Happy Retirement! (It's GREAT!!)

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