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Hi, I'm new to this .com, but I have been a chef longer than there has been fire. Back then, cooking was a hit or miss thing. Sometime we would put a saber-toothed tiger on the top of a tall tree and wait for lightening. It might take months. There was also ceviche. But the limes were pretty small in those days, so we had to go back to waiting for the saber-tooth flambe. That's why I live to microwave. Even organic beefalo hanger steak with Sangiovese beurre rouge and a baby portabello flan.
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I'd swear you are the long-lost twin brother of our own Cape Chef! :lol: Sabre-toothed tiger aside, what lights your culinary fire?

Let me also welcome you to Chef Talk. Please enjoy browsing and posting in our many forums. Don't forget to check older threads to pick up on some great conversations (many of which are in your irreverent neck of the woods!).
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So tell us about the old days...are you talking pre or post refrigeration?
And how do you make your flan?
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Tree-fired saber tooth! An old family favorite. Unfortunately, the recipe was lost a number of generations ago.

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