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    Hello!  Greetings from New Brunswick, Canada.  My name is Elizabeth and I am new to this great site.  

    I / we opened our Deli restaurant 5 years ago and since then have added an authentic Tuscan style Italian restaurant.  

    We have a unique model:  We are a Deli during the day (6 days / wk) and an Italian restaurant during the evening (4 nights / wk).  This is a model that has worked for us and we created it because it was too expensive to open a separate location, given we own our current building (margins are greater at night).

    Things of interest are cooking; catering; appetizers; trendy new things as they relate specifically to our type of food / service.

    I am very interested in a school or opportunity to make new appetizers that appeal to both a meat and potatoes crowd and then also turning it up a notch or two.  If anyone knows of a great learning facility / school / classes in North American that offer such classes, I would be interested to learn about them.

    As a business owner saving money and making money are my other areas of interest.  Only two toggles in a successful business;  sales & expenses.

    I look forward to learning and contributing with others on this site.
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    Thank you for the introduction, Elizabeth. You'll be very happy with the contacts you make here, as I'm certain you'll find people who are able to answer your questions and inspire you to find new ways to amp up your establishment. Since our membership reaches far beyond North America, you'll be pleased to know we have a strong contingent of Italians among our ranks who may be able to strengthen your menus in the ways you want to. Some are professional chefs, others are veteran home cooks, all are eager to share with you and to learn from you. 

    Besides the great discussion forums, don't miss out on the cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and other wonderful features. I think you'll find the monthly cooking challenges interesting and exhilarating. Each month a different ingredient is chosen, and everyone is challenged to cook with it. This month it's rice. The challenge is featured in the Food and Cooking forum. Look for it there. As September draws to a close I'll be watching for October's ingredient. I hope you will too.

    We hope to see you here as often as your busy days allow. Welcome!

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    Welcome to we are glad to have you and let us know if you have any questions on how things work around here.