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Hi Everyone , new user here from Canada.....nice forum board and many interesting to cook/bake in my spare time HA !! Looking forward to gleaning a bit of culinary skills and surprise da family with a nice meal :D
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Welcome Blueyedgourmet! Always happy to see a new face. Please tell us about your culinary interests.
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well, I do enjoy the barBQ season doing both meats and veggies on the grill.....I enjoy trying new and interesting recipies..........and must thank my family for being patient and understanding and tactful (-: My husband of 20 yrs has grown used to my experimentations.......and still manages to smile.....I just plain like food, period and enjoy preparing and serving it up in new and exciting ways (-: Glad to have found this site to perhaps enhance my interests and curiousities of the kitchen (-:
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Welcome aboard Blueyedgourmet :)

If you have questions or want to post recipes take a look around in some of the cooking forums

Again, welcome
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