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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tadeusz Maczka. I live in Kingston On. Cdn. I'm feeling a little anxious, don't know my way around the site or what is appropiate to ask and where....Yeah so I'm looking for some online culinary schools,hoping they are free or inexpesive. Is there a manual for ChefTalk? I'm also looking for current Cdn. culinary text books, or some kind of fast track study guides in order to write my red seal. Any help,suggestions or guidance would be greatly appriciated. Everyone calls me Taj, comes from kindergarden. The short form for my name is Taju and Taj became my nickname/name.

Thanks Taj.

gotta get the dog to the groomer cu.

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Hello Taj and welcome to Cheftalk.

This is not an online cookery school - but we have members from around the world and of all levels of culinary expertise, so any questions you may have should be answered by one of them!   I'm Scots and have little knowledge of cookery schools in Canada - but if you post your question in the culinary student's forum, I'm sure you will hear from someone who DOES know!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.  One part of the site is for culinary professionals only - ie is 'read-only' for those of us not working in one of the culinary professions.

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Hi and thanks for the welcome. I will bring my questions to the culinary student form.Speaking of culinary professions is this designated for those who hold certificates only or is this for those who work with food as a source of income? cu

thanks Taj.
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