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I just wanted to put my "hello" somewhere so I don't feel silly when I start threads or comment and people are like, "who is that?".

I'm 34, have a teenager and a toddler (fun times, right!?), and I was fortunate enough to quit my job several years ago and stay home. Sometimes I think I did it mostly because I just love cooking and I can spend lots of hours thinking, planning, and prepping for a this works for us:) Oh, plus I do love my kids;)

I'm no pro and will tell you my son (the 15 year old) lived on fish sticks and macaroni in his younger years (not that there's anything wrong with that)... but I love cooking healthy and healthy food...and sometimes not so healthy food...but still tasty.

Anyway, I'm going on about nothing really but just wanted to introduce myself.

I stumbled upon this site several weeks ago while searching for French recipes after being inspired by the Julia/Julie book (My Life in France).  

There are so many relevant threads and tons of useful guys know your stuff!!

I just restored a Griswold cast iron that was at my in-laws beach house for 30+ years and it's in amazing shape now. I just picked up a copper pot at Tuesday Morning and have no clue what to do with it. So I will be venturing out into the site now.

Thanks for reading!!
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Welcome!  I have two teenagers and I'm finding out that at times it can be the toddler years all over again but this time they are the same size as me if not

See you around the forums!
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Hi  and welcome.  Im with you on the kids, but finding more time for me n hubby these days. I've 3 boys at 33,29 and 16...Late babies are great, but also great when they grow up n you get some me time... remember that???

You'll like it here. We're going through a change of format just now, but if you have any problems just tell one of the moderators.

Looking forward to hearing more from you
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