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Hi everyone,

I came across this site, read for hours and hours and finally decided to dive in and participate. This is the most interactive site I've ever seen. Seems there is something for everyone at every level. Even though I never made it to culinary school :cry: , I really enjoy reading all about it here. My mother was a wonderful cake decorator when I was young and my sister is a fantastic chef. I love the art of food, in fact, sometimes I'll spend a saturday in my kitchen trying out a technique for fun.

Well, I look forward to chatting with you.

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I look forward to hearing your comments, views and experiences.

Come on in! the waters fine!

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Welcome, Catciao! Love your name. Are you a cat-lover?

As you can see, we have something for everyone who loves food and cooking. Whether you're a amateur (one who loves a discipline) or a pro, there's a lot to learn and some wonderful people here.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, if you don't mind. We love to hear people's stories.
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Come and play!!! have fun.
Remember the art of cooking is not about being a Chef, It's mearly about being in love with food
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Hey, thanks for making me feel at home. I chose the name Catciao because I just named our new catamaran Catciao. It's actually a double entendre because we bought the boat from an Italian couple who sold it to us after their cat died. Kinda sick but it is original. Anyway, I love to cook and not just plain stuff. I can't even cook a decent pot roast. But if you're craving seared ahi tuna with a wasabi cream sauce and hot chili oil plated up beautifully, I can do it. I just made a birthday cake for tonight that had 3 chocolate layers with ganache flavored with orange zest and cointreau in between. Then it called for buttercream icing flavored with orange curd. It's out of this world and big!! I have never made buttercream icing before and after a slice I think I can omit butter from my diet for the rest of the year.

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