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Hello, I am new here and before I posted this message, I read a ton of the threads. I must say very high level of communication here, I think it is great!! I am sorry to say I am not a certified chef, but have always dreamt about going to a CI. However, I do not have the available funds etc etc.. I worked under a frenchman in the Virgin Islands and learned a TON. I have learned that the key to French cuisine is aton of butter, a ton of salt, and put heavy cream in everything!! out.:eek:
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Nice to have you with us,
I'm happy you have enjoyed the site so far.

No matter what tier you consider yourself, you will be treated with respect.
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Welcome, welcome! A royal 'Hello' to a fellow Iron City resident. Don't worry about being a 'certified chef'. That doesn't matter around here. Everybody is helpful and more than willing to share their unique experiences.
Go to Primanti's in the Strip District and order a tuna with extra onions for me... I'll be right there :lips:
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Welcome to the best place on the web for culinary enthusiasts- but then, you knew that. You are right about the livliness and quality of conversation here. There's a lot to learn, and some great people to learn from!
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