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My name is Ron. I'm a disabled Vietnam era Veteran/Baby Boomer who lives in the wooded hills of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. I moved here from Maryland three years ago after selling my 20 year old company in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area. I wanted to get out of the city and yet be close enough to make day trips back from time to time. My property is surrounded by State Forest and very serene and beautiful.

I feed the deer and birds and have a live at home son of 21 and a Black Lab/Dalmation mix named Puppy and an adopted stray kitten named Kitty.

My home is full of big windows and skylight and full of light. I'm an Engineer by profession and now that I'm on total disability I spen my time writing and cooking. Always had a knack for cooking. Because I'm an Insulin Dependant Diabetic I can't eat as much of the foods I enjoy as I'd like, but I enjoy a little of everything, including fine pastries and the foods many wrongly THINK we Diabetics can't have. There is in fact no such thing as a Diabetic diet. We can eat anything we want, just not as much as the rest of you.

I have a spinal cord injury whic has caused some upper extremety palsy, mostly in my hands, but I don't let that stop me from doing the things I want. Some tasks are difficult, but I have learned to adapt and take my time.

Be cause I suffer chronic intratable pain I belong to a gret Pain Support Group on Yahoo and have made many great friends there. When we get a bit down we all lean on each other and weather the storm.

Pasta Chef and I have become close friends as a result of chatting in the ASAP (American Society for Action on Pain) message boards. Knowing I love food and cooking, she invited me to join this group. I look forward to meeting everyone here, making good friends and learning new ideas.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives and fun.
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Hello Ron.

Welcome to Cheftalk. I hope we can bring you relief and laughter and great cooking ideas!



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Welcome to Chef Talk Wolfgang!

Knowing pain too well, I can assure you that Chef Talk is better than many pain killers. When I have a really bad day, I come here and for a few hours, if I'm lucky, I can forget about the pain and its limitations. It's my idea of a haven.
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Welcome to ChefTalk Wolfgang! Your property sounds exactly like what I'd like to have one day.. just beautiful and so peaceful. I hope you find ChefTalk as supportive, helpful and friendly as ASAP.
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You have good vibes:)

And you're a lucky person to be in good surroundings,
Have you used acupuncture?

My back needed 4 sessions, so it's more care for the future.

An Old friend who suffered war injuries to his back, used an interesting home dish
Pig Tails and natural peanuts [unskinned]
cook withand thick slice of ginger root, till skin falls off tender bones, skim of fat, a little seasoning.
Fascinating flavour.

and he says it kept his back ship shape.

Have fun with Chef Talk,
I'll get some Chinese Melon seeds to you.

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Welcome to the best community of people (who happen to be chefs and food-lovers) on the web! Iza's right: this place is good for what ails you. BTW, we have a good forum for nutrition; some diabetes-related issues have been discussed there, and there's always room for more.

We're glad to have you with us, Ron.
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momoreg, Kimmie, Isa, Risa, glutz, Mezzaluna,

Thank you all for such a warm welcome! I look forward to becoming better acquainted and learning my way aroud here.

Isa, I'm sorry you know pain.:cry: I can't bear life without tons of opioids around the clock. I certainly hope you don't have pain like me. Perhaps you'll feel comfortable enough to one day share your pain experience with me.

glutz, No I've never tried acupuncture since I have permanent nerve damage it has never been offered as a part of my treatment program. Chinese melon seeds sound great! The pig tales and peanuts sound good. I just happen to be addicted to Kung Pao Chicken. A treat I make for Todd (my son) often.

Mezzaluna, I look forward to participating in nutrician discussions.

I wish for you all to experience the dreams of your lives in reality and for many good friends. Food is such a great friend magnet.
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i just read this thread today for the first time.

Ron, I want to welcome you with open arms and kindered spirits.

I also want to thank you for serving this country on our behalf.

As said before me , you will find comfort and warm hearts here on cheftalk. Pastachef is a very welcome friend on this site, If she invited you then you must be OK :)
cc:lips: :) :roll:
PS..My daughter Rebecca (age 7) picked the smiliys for you
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Thank you for the great welcome! I look forward to getting to know you better.

Rebecca, Thank you for all the smiley faces! My kids used to call me Smiley Riley when they were growing up because my wife nicknamed me smiley. They all said it was because I smile a lot.

I'm so lucky I was able to help keep America free for you and Rebecca and all my family and friends. I love America and our friends!:)
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Hello my friend!

Yes these are really great folks, but then I was certain they were because they're your friends. Birds of a feather.......well you know the saying.

Hope you had a great day today. Did you cook turkey today?;)
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Absolutely, - 4 huge turkeys, and stuffing and rosemary potatoes, and candied sweet potatoes, and succotash, and gravy, and home made pumpkin bread, and pumpkin cheesecake...and rolls with butter, and cranberry sauce. That's about all I could handle with the cleaning and decorating:)
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