new member!!!

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HI! To Everyone!

Just wanted to tell you all a few things about myself. I grew up in England. I currently live in Germany with my husband who is in the military. I love to bake, cook, collect cookbooks.. Looking forward to being a part of this forum...
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Hello Hedder,

Welcome to the Chef Talk Cafe! We're glad you found us. Please enjoy roaming around, reading and posting. We're glad to share, and hope to learn from you, too.

What do you like to cook?
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Welcome to the show! Have some interesting cookbooks, do you? Be sure to stop by the Cook Book forum to offer your input.
Again, welcome!
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Thanks everyone !! I have love to cook just about anything. Since, I live here in Germany, I've tried to cook something from all the places we have visted.( their local food ). It's been such fun, finding the recipe and trying it at home. I have also collected cookbooks from all the places we have been ( most places ). We have been all over Europe. Last time I counted I have around 150 books..

Thanks again for welcoming me,
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Have you managed to find a German cook book with anything edible in it yet .....just kidding....I met Hugh Fearnley Whittingstal at a book signing last week I like his you know him.
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