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    I thought i would introduce myself as a new member of this forum.

    I am a buyer for a large company and one of my 'categories' is Catering, part of my role is to procure catering services and equipment for commercial kitchens thoughout the UK.

    I have working in catering for about 15 years on and off but about 7 years ago I was a partner in a catering business so due to this I have an understanding of the unique stresses everyone in the trade has, there are not many trades that work to as many deadlines a day that you guys do!

    As I have been out of the game for a while there are times I need some expert advice on equipment, new techniques or new innovations coming into the market and honestly, who better to help me out than the people who do this every day!!

    I have to say that even though I have been out of the Catering Business a while I still love a good knife with a rosewood handle and get very annoyed when they end up in the dishwasher at home!! (Some things never leave you)

    Anyway, thank you all for making me so welcome on the forum.

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    Welcome to ChefTalk. We have a lot of excellent discussions in our catering forum archives but some new discussions would help liven up that forum so head on over there.