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Hello I’ve been a. Line cook for like 3 months now . How do I know if I have what it takes to stay in this profession most ofmy coworkers say I’m really good and have potential even my managers but but how do I know if I will last I’ve seen ppl get burned out in my short time as a cook and don’t want that happening to me
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It's always a sign of a good chef to always wonder if he/ she is doing a good job. The only advice i can offer is to stay focused. You sound like you're doing reasonably well with accolades from co workers. As long as you don't lose your passion for cooking, you'll be fine. Most executive chefs will listen to you if you tell them you're feeling overwhelmed. Just believe in yourself and your dishes and you'll be fine.
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Do you have a passion for the job? For the food you're cooking? Do you get to be creative? What do you enjoy about this job? Are there advancement opportunities available to you? Being a chef is a lifestyle as much as a job, and it's not for everyone. There are lots of things to consider but I think it mostly boils down to passion.
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If your best is good enough now you will only get better. People in the kitchen don't throw around complaints unless they are earned.....
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Don't worry about burnout- it's inevitable! That doesn't mean it's permanent but we all get it occasionally. As a guy that's been in the kitchen for 30 years and that did a lot of things wrong I'd say the absolute first thing is to live right and take care of yourself. The top component of that is to avoid binging on drugs and alcohol- that's a path to burnout. You think you're "letting off steam" but it's a positive feedback loop of stress that will distort your work/life balance.

Next, work is important and being a chef is an ego investment job but you have be have some boundaries. Your life has to be more than work. If you can't leave work at work ever then it's hard to find that silence and contemplation where inspiration is found. And if all you do is work then eventually something will happen to collapse that house of cards. It could be a divorce, a serious health problem or the death of a loved one. But some thunderbolt from the blue will teach you that working every minute is a waste of your time on Earth.

It sounds like you're young- take advantage of being young and bulletproof! Seek out novel experiences, listen more than you talk and try to keep a beginners mindset as you go along. It will work out just fine.
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