New Knives -unheard of?.

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Lately I've been getting three or more video ads of some knives. Known variously as Almasi, Coolio/Mr. Tevchi
depending on the video. The knives all look the same although the ads have different content. The first one I saw showed manly hipsters slicing great slabs of meat.
The other shows a guy shaving his arm hair and cutting paper. Don't remember the third.
Anyway, are they all the same knife? Are they any good? Anyone else getting these ads?
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Not sure about your particular ad but I bought a great knife I'd never heard of off a Facebook ad. Super sharp.


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Haven't seen those ads or heard of those brands. It's not uncommon for one maker (usually Chinese) to make a knife that many sellers will market as theirs.

There is a lot of this in the knock-off pocket knife market right now. And these knock-offs are usually good value for the prices, but often infringe patent and trademark. This is the peril of not being your own maker in a market country that won't enforce IP. Customs occasionally seizes the imports but not regularly nor reliably.
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