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    Hi everyone! 

    I got my first J knife 2 months ago, a Goko Damascus 240mm gyuto.  I love it, and I might be getting a J knife addiction.  I've been reading a lot on this forum and others since then.  You probably know, there's a rift between CKTG and some other vendors and some makers.  Some vendors are accused of shady practices like shipping known defects to knife noobs and hoping to get away with it.

    I've read about shady practices and "horror" stories on new knives.  I probably wouldn't notice a lot of the things they complain about. I think I lucked out on mine, but in the future I'm trying to gather a checklist of things to look for when I receive a new knife.  There are plenty of threads about choosing a new knife.  I want to discuss reviewing a purchase for defects.

    An analogy is if I bought a guitar, I would be looking for warped necks, fret buzz, scratches in the finish.  Some of these things are addressed by a good guitar tech on setup.  Others, are defects that need to be fixed by a luthier.

    What I'm trying to find is where the line is on knives.  What is bad enough to send it back to the vendor?  I do my own sharpening on knives that I receive anyway, but nothing super fancy.  I don't know about thinning or changing profiles or anything like that.  I buy knives with profiles and grinds that I like, and I try to sharpen them the same way.

    The knife forums are more interested in sharpening and modding knives than actual cutting it seems.  So, for the average consumer and cook, what should we look for when we unpack a new knife?


    -is the knife bent

    -fit and finish of the handle

    -over ground bevel

    -unevenly ground bevel