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Hello. I am opening a small bakery & cafe / quick serve restaurant.  I've set up my tiny kitchen and have loads a space under my double deck oven.  I'm wonder what others store under there.  Too much space to not utilize, but I think i might get a bit hot under there.  I've only been in kitchen that have had floor to ceiling decks or convection. Can I put roll out ingredient bins under there?  Pots/pan on a raised shelves?  Paper goods only?  Any suggestions?  
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Probably a good spot for pots and pans, or maybe a half speed rack for sheet pans 

How much is "loads" of space?
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Wheels. Make sure whatever you put underneath is on wheels for easy cleaning. Because debris will find its way there quickly.
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Kinda hard to say without a floor plan and without knowing how many people working at same time, etc.

Probably sheet pans. Keeps sheet pans close to where they will be used. Pots and pans, yeah, but where is your stove top. How many people working and possibility of crossover getting in each others way.

Roll out bins probably not for a few reasons, one being are you going to use floor mats, if so hard to roll out, also where will your prep area be in reference to oven. Also same potential for crossover trouble spot. If ovens are part of hot line, roll out bins being more of a prep equipment item could create a traffic flow issue.

One last possibility would be a short speed rack to use as a cooling rack for items coming hot out of oven.

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