New kitchen floor

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My head guy asked me what kind of floor he should put in for next year's budget(we have lino currently & it's done).

Anybody got some cool ideas?
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All depends what's under the lino.

If it's smooth cement, you're good for anything, including quarrystone tiles.  If the floor is uneven, tiles would require a skim coat of leveling cement whcih could be very expensive.

There are some commercial grades of linoleum with imbedded grit, specially made for kitchens.  The seams are electronically welded, and the the material can be brought up to 3" along the walls, so baseboards or rubber baseboards are not required--bonus brownie points from the Health dept.  
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The place I used to work had a rubberized version of rhino liner put it. Not really sure what it was called, but it was amazing. Basically it was a spray on floor, so it never broke or came up like tile. And the sand and rocks in it gave it plenty of traction. Super easy to clean, we just flooded it with soapy water, scrubbed it, and squeegeed the excess into the floor drain. I went back to that restaurant the other day, and the floor was still there in amazing shape, and it's been probably 8 years since it was put in. 
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