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    Hello to all fellow chefs and chefs to be out there! I'm Emilio, I am currently going to The Art Institute for Culinary in San Antonio, any other fellow AI's out there! Just wanted to say hi and how I am looking forward to networking, sharing, talking with anyone about ideas and more. One Love!
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    Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

    Not all our members are chefs or culinary students...  some of us are just enthusiastic amateurs, whilst others are food-writers, photographers etc.  We are, as they say, a broad kirk here!

    I hope you will find time to look at some of the wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photography on the site - lots of interesting info to be gleaned and the photographs will give you lots of inspiration, I am sure.  We have a forum specifically for culinary students and you can certainly get a lot of help from others who find themselves in exactly your situation, or you can have a good moan and see how many others agree with you!

    The professional fora on here are read-only for those not currently employed in a culinary capacity.

    Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum!  Hope to see you around the boards.
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