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Chef asked me today what I was planning to do once I get my diplome (pass my exam at culinary school) in June. “I suppose you’ll be looking for a post as a Commis somewhere?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’ll be looking around I suppose,” I replied.
“Well how would you like to be a Commis here?” he said.
“I’d love to, but I don’t think I’m good enough,” I replied.
“Of course you are, the job’s yours if you want it from the new season, as soon as I can get a new plongeur,” he said.
Cool! And I don’t even have to cover on the new plongeur’s nights off! Cooler!
And the hotel flat is probably not gonna get renovated this year, so we may have few or no stagiaires either! Coolest!
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Chris congratulations! Just when you think nobody is noticing what you are doing:) Best of luck with that, I'm sure you'll do fine.


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Congrats! Now you have to change your screen name!

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