New job, looking for vegetarian help please.

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by fulltang, Mar 16, 2011.

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    So I've been a sous at a private country club ofr the past five years. We had a pretty large budget and got to play with all types of expensive stuff. We also did nearly zero vegetarian dishes because, well, our clients were seafood and meat and potato types.

    I moved to a new location and just got a job at a private highschool where I am in charge of dinner for around 60 to 80 people every night.

    My problem is, we have to have 1 vegetarian entree option for every meal.

    So I've been suffering to come up with vegetarian entree ideas. I can throw salads and salsas and casseroles together all day long, but when it comes to a more "entree" type option, I'm suffering hard.

    So I'm looking for ideas or resources that could give me some ideas to play with.

    Keep in mind, this is a buffet, not plated meals. And time is as always a precious resource. I don't have hours and hours of prep time to devote to one dish.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas and suggestions.

    This has been a great community for me so far, and I respect anyone willing to take thier time to help out a fellow chef.

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    Pepper Mushroom Fritatta, Veggie Enchilada, Spinach Quiche, Mac and Cheese, Veggie Delight, Scrambled Tofu, Zippy Zucchini,

    Lentil Rice Casserole, Pasta Delight,Grilled Portobello sandwich,Vegetable Stew,   Artichoke, Shallot, and Potato Ragout,  Curried Cauliflower and Peas.  
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    Whatever you are making should have a complete protein and frankly I'd have it for everyone with meat separate....for example:

    loaded green salad

    Roasted veg platter

    mixed rices with beans and shiitakes......this is your veg complete"entree" and a full side for everyone else....make a pilaf or cook your rice, cook some cannolinis or other beans, if fresh green beans are available add them to the cooked shell beans....shallots/evo/herbage...

    Meat...roasted chix or whatever....

    For lower budget events I've made salads vegetarian and had side bowls of meat proteins.

    Make your soups vegetarian, in other words don't add meat stock to anything other than a meat dish.

    Most vegheads like mediterranean...rice dolmas, hummos (in all it's various flavor glory), pitas, cuke yogurt sauce, caponata,.....all have decent shelf lives.  A meze platter....