New Job in a ReOpend former star restaurant

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Hello. I'm new at this forum and I just want  to ask for some advice about me trying out for a new job in one of the former best restaurant that has reopen whit all new staff and all new interior etc etc. They are aiming for star again and I have whit some help from contact landed a try-out kinda deal (i hope)

The thing is that i have been there once already on the opening night (I went there whit the belief i just should show who I am but it ended whit the chef threw me in the kitchen and i felt a Little out of place and whit everyone to busy to show me anything or tell me what to do) 

After that Ive spook en whit the Head Chef two times (once face to face and once on the phone) for just five min each. He have asked me if i want the job and I said ofc YES! and when we spoke on the phone i told him that Ive talked to the Chef at the place I'm working working at right now and that Ive manage to fix the schedule for next month so i can come work at booth restaurant while I'm quitting my old job AND that I took 3 days of SO i can come and do some try out work. He was cool and said he would call but the thing is its been 2 days and Ive haven't heard a thing..... Should I call him up?

The other thing is that we hasn't said anything about how THEY work and what his philosophy is. What hours it is. What Ive will be doing and what he will pay me... Really it doesn't Mather but i don't know if I'm all up for the job. Ive been in the biz since a couple of years and worked at some decent restaurant and I'm passionated about what I'm doing and like to work allot. But still i have weaknesses... 

So do anyone of you have any hints on what i should be expecting and what they will expect from me?

Sorry for the bad English but I'm a swede so you guys have to forgive me.
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Nordic, Welcome to ChefTalk. I would stop by the new Restaurant to get my new Schedule, if there is any problems or changes in the Chefs mind, you can find that out ASAP. This way you could salvage your old job and save face before they hire someone to replace you.................The best of luck...................Bill
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yeah i think that's what i will do. Its just nervwrecking too wait for the chef to call but i think i will call him or the sous chef up today in about a half hour and ask them if i can go in tomorrow . Its also kinda nervwrecking too take this big leap from "semi-Gourmet" to really high quality gourmet but at the same time its a lot of fun to take the step up. (if i now land the god damn job)
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Another scandinavian.

I am something as unusual as a norwegian working in sweden.

Are you based here in scandinavia, or gone over-seas?
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He wouldn't have asked you back after your stage (stagierre) if he didn't want you.

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Hey. Yeah i got the job. Kinda fun to take this big step up the ladder. Really like the other cooks and the  chefs. Its a good place and they aim high.

Now i just want to finish off my time in the old place and get going!

Yeah im working in the nordic area
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Can i ask where you are in the nordic area and the restaurant? just curious. im currently working in Malmo Sweden. and wait a Norweigan working in sweden? does that even happen? 
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