New Job Dilemma

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Hello! First time poster, long time fan here. I need some advice desperately,please!

 Back Story: I am in my 6th year as a professional line cook after a decade of food service experience. My most notable job was in a VERY popular (300 covers easy,on a Monday)  modern gastropub in the theater district of a mid-size East Coast city that has just recently began to be nationally recognized as a "Foodie" town.. Worked in said place for two years, climbed my way from GM to Hot Line, learned a ton, got along with my superiors, kicked general a**, etc. However, I felt stuck in a rut there and received a more generous offer from the chef/owner of a small, successful, well established place...and then got fired right before Xmas. That's another story. So...dusted myself off, updated that resume and started firing in every direction.

Here's the dilemma, I have received two offers I am interested in and I'm not sure which one to choose.

Option 1: Asian fusion Tapas ( I laughed a little typing that, yes) joint ran by successful local restaurant group I staged in two weeks ago for a saute position, nailed it.But, I  didn't hear back from them until yesterday, Exec calls me up and say he's been "busy with some menu and personnel changes" (Red Flag) and is now "calling the better resumes in" Offered me the job at my asking pay. Told him I would have to sleep on it because of....

Option 2:  Brand Spanking New Boutique Hotel: Similar menu to the gastropub, plus Daily Brunch. Offered position below my asking rate, but schedule will be 9-5 and benefits are top notch.

They're both expecting to hear from me later today. What would you do?   
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22222222 You'll have more fun with the menu's.... The down side is it's bran spanking new. Whats all great in the beginning can turn to shit pretty fast. I never like going in new, I'll wait and replace......

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