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Hi everyone. I'm excited to finally join a forum dedicated to cuisine. I like to bake sweets (pastries) more than anything...hence my username. I am a self taught cook but would like to improve my skills and hope that I could learn from the pros here. I would also like to share some of my favorite recipes with others as well. ;)
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

Like you I'm an enthusiastic amateur - and there are lots of us on here - but we also have members who are just starting out on their culinary adventures as well as masterchefs!

I hope you will make time to view some of the photographs and articles on here - lots of inspirational stuff to see! The professional areas are read-only for us non-professionals but also give a real insight into the industry.

I'm sure everyone will be delighted if you share your favourite recipes!
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Hi Sweetbaker,
You'll find ChefTalk to be a great community with a great range of people from all ranges of experience, and you can find out pretty much any info you need.

I've been here a couple of years now as a home cook, and have grown in knowledge and friendship equally.

Enjoy :)

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