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I am new to the biz, I have a contract with the state of Montana to run one of their office cafes.

I am just looking for ways to boost sales and some new easy (no fry) recipies. The operation I run has the potental to serve 100 people or more a day. My kitchen has a sales/prep counter about 20 feet long, a prep area with a 3 basin sink in it about 10 feet long. I have a 2 burner hot plate, a full pan steam table, 2 soup pots, and a half sheet oven and the kicker no hood system (hence the no frying rule).  Any sugestions apprecated.
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Hello  - what an excting prospect to start a new business lilke this.

We have all levels of ability on here, from those who can't boil water to masterchefs.  Your request for help will find lots of answers if you post in the professional area of the site.

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting - or start your own!  The articles on here and the amazing photographs are well worth a look.
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Welcome to ChefTalk.  I am confident that you will find more than enough information to help with your new business.

D. Clay
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