New in Atlanta and I haven't posted in a long time!!

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Well it has been a while sinc I last posted, so here is whats up with me.

Got ACF Certified as a Sous Chef in early June.
Relocated to Atlanta in June and took a position as Sous Chef for a Catering company that does coporate and private jets.

Some of the People I have cooked for in the last month and a half.
The VP of the USA Dick Cheney, Bill Gates, Chris Tucker, the Detroit Tigers BASEBALL TEAM AND VARIOUS CEO'S of various Fortune 500 Companies.

We did not know we cooked for the VP untill after we had delivered it to the airport.

Needless to say, my new job can be interesting at times.

The only down side is that I am working 12-15 hour days and have not had a chance to get out and try some of the many fine restaurants in Atlanta.

I also miss being in a Restaurant situation (sio I am looking for a Sat Night job as a line cook or something if any one haaaaas some leads :)

Good to finally be setteled in and getting caught up.

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Sounds busy.... and interesting. Any challenges with delivering food to airplanes? When I used to drop food @ the airport, we had to compose 2 entirely different meals, one for the pilot and one for the co-pilot. Same w/you?
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So long ago and so far away, Nicholais Roof was incredible in the early 80's... the Abbey...was fun funky....costumed as monks waiters served in the rehabbed church. I loved dining in Atlanta,I've not been back in 15 years but it was on the radar for a to hear what you find.


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shroom, if you haven't been to Atlanta in awhile you must go back!!!! The restaurant scene down there is great. I miss Atlanta quite often, and try and get down there whenever I can. Both places you mention are still there, though I heard rumors that the Abbey is closing or is closed (not sure if that is true or not). The scene in Atlanta has come a long ways in the last ten years and I feel that it can now compete with many other cities as a great dining destination.
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I have had some good eats since moving here. Spice in Midtown, Taka Sushi Cafe (former Sushi chef at Bluepoint), Aria, Rainwater the list goes on.

I am actually thinking about applying at a couple of them because I really misss being in a reataurant situation, and yes we still have to make 2 seperate meals for the pilots.

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billy G,
conradulations on your current certification, as for working at some of the restaurants that you mentioned, i`ll help you in any way that i can, i have known the owners of those establishments in some cases for years. went to CIA, with gerry klaskala ( Aria) i was president of The ACF Atlanta chefs and cooks assoc. from 1991-1995, and still keep an active ear to the goings on. Mike Bologna CEC, is the current President, and he also was in school at the Culinary institute back in the mid 70`s.
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