new ie novice (german knife user) looking for wetstones kit suggestions please

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hi guys.
novice here...have mostly german (wusthof) knives.
seeking a good quality wetstone kit...i am also considering soon
taking a class in the next month on sharpening.
i've read great things on shapton glass stones etc (the bob kramer 6 piece stone kit
looks fab but is $$$ for my level) what would you suggest please?
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Hi canali and welcome to CT!

You don't need to break the bank with wet stones, especially if you are just begiinning. You don't really need to take a class on how to use them, either. Everything you need to know about how to use wet stones from care and storage to how to use them on various knives with different edges can be found on YouTube. All you need is a couple cheap knives to practice on and the time to practice.

To start with, all you need is a stone around #1,000 grit to do the sharpening and a good finishing stone. I would not suggest going any lower than an #800 grit. Most of the time, the two will be sandwiched together in one stone.

You can purchase decent stones for well under $50.

Since you are new to this, remember the average knife used by the average home cook does not need to be sharpened any more often than one or two times per year, depending on use. Sharpening actually removes metal from the blade and as such, reduces the blade's life span with each sharpening. This is why having a good honing rod is every bit as important as having good sharpening stones. A honing rod restores the blade's edge without removing metal. This is why you should make it a point to learn how to use a honing rod and get into the habit of using it on your knife every time the knife is used.

So, this begs the question of how do you know your blade needs to be sharpened? The best way is to feel the edge of the blade by gently and carefully with your finger. If you feel nicks and burrs, the blade should be sharpened to remove them. If there are no nicks and burrs yet, the honing rod will not restore the edge, its time to sharpen the knife.

Good luck. :)
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thanks for your imput...i just got my knives all l pro sharpened a few days ago.
and i also bought a chef's choice pull thru sharpener (for future use)
that got alot of good pro reviews too
(chef's choice ''pronto pro 4643'') but decided i'd like to try wetstone sharpening
for more custom treatment.....and i do use my idahone (1200 fine grit) ceramic rod each time i'm about to use a knife.
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