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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by judy, Feb 18, 2000.

  1. judy


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    With an outside function I have booked soon I need some great idea for a cold starter.
    It is a seafood menu and I am serving swordfish as the main,the ingredients I have to play with are 2 medallions of rock lobster, two king prawns, squid and could use smoked tuna. All these are local products which is the theme of the occasion.
    Numbers 400, weather is in the high 30's if I,m lucky,low to mid 40's if I'm not!! Serving area is a tent fixed to the main marquee. Prep. will be in the local catering college kitchen. Your input would be very welcome.
  2. shahar


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    A great starter i make:
    I fry rings of eggplants in deep oil(after dipping them in egg whites) and poach squids rings for 30 secs.
    Then i make a lemony pesto of mint leaves. I spread the pesto on the eggplants and marinate the squids in it.
    The lemony pesto cools down the oiliness of the eggplants and the squids give the whole thing a nice body.