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 Almost done with ICE in Manhattan, and getting ready to start my new career! I have no idea what to do with myself, but do hope to figure it all out... eventually...
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Welcome,  Lovefood. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Hmmmm.... if you don't know what to do with yourself, maybe your school's placement office (or whatever they have to counsel graduates) would help. I'll leave it to the culinary instructors and other pros to give you other ideas. What do you love to do? What was most captivating during your instruction? Of what did you want topics did you want to learn more? That's for a start....

Hoe did you get your love of food and cooking? Was there someone in your early years or in your past who inspired you?

Have a good, thorough look around: wikis, photo gallery, articles, reviews... there's a lot here, so dig in and enjoy!
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Hi lovefood, and welcome to Chef Talk.
Well, if you're looking for inspiration, you'll probarbly find it here somewhere. Do you have a teeny idea what you'd like to specialise in? What did you excell in at college?
If no-one is putting pressure on you to be something, why not try a wee bit of everything till it clicks...You may find that OMG this is what i really want to do!!!

Are you in a possition to be able travel. perhaps take a few months out to discover your forte.

So long as you give decent notice, most places accept that chefs are transient. Perhaps trying a variety of jobs will show you a) what you dont want to do and b) what you do want

good luck with your career visit often

Look forward to hearing from you


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